As we understand many of you are confused by the new f(x) “RED LIGHT”MV and here at K-POP TIMEOUT, we have an explanation for you!

Please take a look at the English Lyrics before proceeding/while you read this. It is strongly advised that you know the meaning of the song in…


f(x) fans who dislike this new comeback because it’s “different” from their past concepts, are a little irrating.

f(x) is called f(x) because as the mathematical problems goes, the x changes into any different number. Meaning f(x) are meant to be a group that can change concepts and fit the style but still be f(x).

The members even explain this from the beginning of the debut. They are function girls. They can be anything.

when will your fave be multilingual (but confusing lol) like them?

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I’m suprised by how much I love Exo’s new Growl MV. Of course there’s also the fact that the song is pretty good, and damn that choreo has swag. What’s most important is that the Growl MV is an example, of what a box mv can be when executed well.

For once good job SM on the box MV.